Our People

GIC employees are guided by our PRIME values – Prudence, Respect, Integrity, Merit and Excellence – which serve as our organizational compass.

One Global Team

Our over 1,500 employees are from more than 40 countries, reflecting the global orientation of our work. They operate out of our Singapore headquarters and offices in key financial cities – Beijing, London, Mumbai, New York, San Francisco, São Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Regardless of role, function or location, we are one GIC united in the common pursuit of investing well for Singapore.

High-performing Team and Collaborative Culture

GIC’s sustained success is based on our ability to attract, develop and retain high-performing talent with the right values. Beyond qualities such as capacity, first-principle thinking, intellectual curiosity and resilience, we seek integrity.

We recruit mid-career professionals who are experts in their respective fields and can bring different perspectives to GIC. They are expected to add value to our current investing and business capabilities, as well as be effective mentors to their colleagues.

Our GIC Professionals Programme (GPP) recruits fresh graduates and provides them with a strong foundation through training, apprenticeship and rotations. Through an 8-month programme, they are exposed to GIC’s investment business under the mentorship of seasoned professionals. At the end of their programme, GPP graduates are deployed to business areas suited to their skills and interests, as they embark on their career at GIC.

Our GIC Internship Programme offers promising undergraduates work exposure and insights to the fund management industry, and the possibility to pursue a career with GIC. Our interns get to expand their network and learn from experienced professionals during their 10-week programme.

Developing Our People

In developing our people, we emphasise continual learning and a growth mindset.

As a global fund manager invested across multiple asset classes, we capitalise our extensive geographical and sectoral network to create development opportunities for our people. These include global office postings, rotations to different business groups, and external fund manager attachments. GIC professionals who have gained experience and depth in a region or sector, can get the opportunity to move to other investment areas to expand their market knowledge, while continuing to hone their investment skills. Depending on work interests, mobility across business functions can be facilitated at different career stages to build relevant skills in adjacent areas, or to widen exposure for leadership development.

The GIC School, our dedicated Learning & Development academy, complements on-the-job training. It provides individual and team development programmes to equip our people for sustained high performance.

Our new hires go through an onboarding journey in their first year to help them get up to speed quickly to operate at their best. We conduct Foundation Programmes for our employees at every stage of their career growth, to prepare them for the responsibilities and challenges at each level of appointment. The School also prepares leaders to take on wider enterprise responsibilities through coaching and leadership programmes. This ensures that our leaders maximise their impact on teams and develop others for sustained long-term performance.

Effective teams are integral to GIC’s success. Our People Manager Programme provides skills-based training for supervisors to develop key managerial mindsets and behaviours to lead high-performing teams. It includes topical clinics with targeted support for managers in line with business needs. Team Effectiveness Programmes address the important roles of individuals in building a high-performing team environment and meaningful team relationships, to strengthen work alignment and contribution to results.

The GIC School also offers multi-disciplinary elective courses. The GIC Digital Curriculum, for example, comprises two tracks – a baseline track that seeks to create digital awareness and enhance proficiency across the organization, and a business domain-specific track that aims to tackle business problems through an applied learning approach.

Key Organizational Movements

Systematic succession planning is vital to build a strong talent pipeline of next-generation leaders with the right GIC values.

This year, we welcome our new Managing Directors: Mr Kevin Bong, Ms Doreen Chia, Dr Prakash Kannan, Mr Mark Lee, Mr Jason Leow, Mr Sam Liew, Ms June Long, Mr Kevin Looi, Mr Wolfgang Schwerdtle and Mr Pankaj Sood.

On 1 July 2019, Mr Goh Kok Huat and Dr Leslie Teo stepped down as Chief Operating Officer (COO), and Director of Economics and Investment Strategy & Chief Economist, respectively. Mr Tay Lim Hock succeeded Mr Goh as COO, while Mr Kevin Bong and Dr Prakash Kannan succeeded Dr Teo as Director of Economics and Investment Strategy and Chief Economist, respectively. We thank Mr Goh and Dr Teo for their many contributions spanning more than a decade, including working with the management team to strengthen GIC’s investment capabilities.

The following Managing Directors retired from GIC in the past year: Mr Dominic Lim, Mr Loh Wai Keong and Ms Joyce Tan. We thank them for their service and contributions.

Our Compensation Principles

GIC’s compensation policies and practices are governed by the Human Resource and Organization Committee, a committee of the GIC Board of Directors. Our framework is based on principles that enable us to attract and retain talent to meet our business needs. These principles include long-term orientation, performance accountability and industry pay benchmarks. The compensation structure is tied to long-term portfolio performance and reinforces prudent risk-taking culture. A portion of the remuneration for senior management staff is deferred and subject to clawback.

Building Confident Communities

At the heart of GIC’s culture is the belief that our PRIME values act as a compass, as we seek to create long-term value for all our stakeholders. This belief extends to our community programmes which deliver long-term impact and result in confident and inclusive communities. We strongly encourage GICians to put our PRIME values into action by volunteering their time and skills, and believe this effort supports their professional and personal development.

GIC Sparks and Smiles (GIC Sparks) is a leadership programme that empowers committed Singaporean youth from low-income households to make a difference in the community. Our GIC Sparks’ awardees receive a grant to support their studies; are trained by experienced social service professionals; engage with GIC Management, and volunteer in the community. Since its launch in 2015, close to 500 students have collectively volunteered approximately 12,000 hours to mentor disadvantaged children and youth. These initiatives have developed the skills, confidence and leadership of our awardees, while also benefitting the community – sparking a multiplier effect.

We also partner The Purple Symphony, Singapore’s largest inclusive orchestra, to support persons with special needs and disadvantaged individuals with equal access to music lessons and performing opportunities. By learning and performing, our Purple Symphony Training Award recipients hone their skills and grow in confidence over the long term. GIC’s support, through the award and employee volunteering efforts, has enabled the orchestra to pursue more performances at the national level.

To increase financial literacy among youths in Singapore, we collaborate with schools and organizations for our community outreach programmes – Safehouse Sessions (“Safehouse”) and Learning Journeys.

Safehouse is an experiential game of trade-offs, where players gain first-hand experience of key investing principles such as risk diversification and value-versus-price. During the GIC Learning Journey, participants learn about Singapore being the first non-commodity based country to have a sovereign wealth fund; how GIC currently contributes to the Government budget, and our investment principles and processes.

Across our global offices, our employees engage directly with non-profits, contributing their time and expertise to create long-term value in their respective communities. We also collaborate with our business partners to organise community events, support research on key long-term issues, and contribute to humanitarian efforts globally.

Our Offices